Honda Touch-Up Paint

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My wife got some (thankfully tiny) chips in her paint, and we had it in the shop yesterday for some warranty work (our Honda dealer is AWESOME, by the way). While we were there, we asked about touch-up paint for … Continued

Grand Design Solitude Is An Upgraded RV Experience

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My wife and I enjoyed our old RV for years, and finally decided to take the plunge and upgrade to a premium, luxury Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel. Here’s a video from Gand Design that shows one just like ours, … Continued

RV Roof Maintenance – A Necessary Evil

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My least favorite thing about owning an RV is the roof. Leaks seem inevitable, and if ignored, can lead to some really expensive problems. As we entered the rainy season here a couple of months back, we were reminded that … Continued

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