RV WiFi Considerations (Geolocation)

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I began outfitting our RV with some new tech last year, and recently discovered an issue I hadn’t considered. We were sitting-around outside when I fired-up Google Maps, looking for directions to a restaurant we were wanting to check-out. I … Continued

RIP Google+

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Back in June of 2011, I became one of the first to test & use Google’s (then) new social media network, Google+. I immediately fell in-love with the platform as a way to connect with intelligent users, and have meaningful … Continued

Married To My Best Friend For 17 Years

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Wow. It seems like yesterday, but today’s already our 17th wedding anniversary. We came to San Diego in September of 2001, got married here, and decided to stay. Every day, I count my blessings, knowing how fortunate I am to … Continued

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