Grand Design Solitude Is An Upgraded RV Experience

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My wife and I enjoyed our old RV for years, and finally decided to take the plunge and upgrade to a premium, luxury Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel.

Here’s a video from Gand Design that shows one just like ours, coming off the assembly line — Everything from the floorplan to the fixtures, to the upholstery is identical to the one they just delivered for us.

Our 2022 Grand Design 345GK Solitude Luxury 5th Wheel

To be honest, it’s a bit overwhelming, with so many bells and whistles that are new to us. The neighbors gathered when it arrived and gasped in unison when the delivery driver pressed a button, and the 6-point hydraulic leveling system leveled the unit automatically in a moment, and then with the press of another button, all of the slide-outs also deployed hydraulically.

This Was Our Early Christmas Present to Each Other After 20 Years of Marriage

It’s equipped with solar, but we had some issues with that at first. The solar didn’t seem to be working. The dealer sent a tech out (we’re about 45 minutes away), and he spent an entire day correcting that, and showing us more of the “tricks” of the RV my wife calls, “Goliath.”

After our first few days, I now have the main parts of my custom wiring complete (high-speed internet, etc.).

It’s finally starting to “feel like “home.”

Next, is learning how to drive it.

At about 42′ long and 15,000 pounds (empty), so it’ll be more like driving a commercial tractor/trailer than your typical camper, but we’ve got a great friend who’s a retired CalTrans operating engineer. He’s agreed to take us out, set up some cones in an empty parking lot, and teach me the ropes about how to make turns, back into tight spaces, and not kill people in the process.

So far, everything is pretty much “stock” (Grand Design is awesome when it comes to building in everything you can wish for). The only thing we upgraded was the mattress. Polly really wanted a king instead of a queen, and there’s plenty of room, so why not?

Oh, and I LOVE my office! The 345GK Solitude from Grand Desing is one of the only fifth wheels we looked at that included office space.

My complete office inside the Grand Design Solitude 345 GK