Best Lubricant For RV Awnings?

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We have a new Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel, and within weeks, the (Lippert) power awnings were creaking & groaning whenever they were extended or retracted.

We tried WD-40, but folks on the forums (and our dealer) said that won’t do much — WD40 apparently attracts dust, and doesn’t do much else.

Tri-Flow Works Great on RV Awnings!

Some folks in the Grand Design forums recommended using Tri-Flow lubricant, instead. It’s a PTFE (Teflon) based spray.

The stuff’s not cheap ($18 on Amazon), but we have to admit, it works like a charm.

We washed (hosed down) the tracks and joints, went out to lunch while the water dried, came back a couple of hours later, applied the stuff to just the tracks and rollers, and then total silence (other than the hum of the motors).

In all fairness, we did have to extend and retract the awnings a couple of times while the Tri-Flow worked its way in, getting more and more silent each time.

By the third time, perfection!