Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt

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In moving my life to the cloud, an important facet for me is the ability to virtualize network storage. Any of us who’ve been around more than a few years (clearing my throat) remember what most companies called “The X: drive,” basically a shared space on a server that anyone could access, making it great way to share files between co-workers and computers.

Today, my co-workers and clients are spread around the globe, and while I could put-together a server to provide the same capabilities, why bother? That’s what “the cloud” is for, and there are several great online storage options that allow me to share folders (selectively) with anyone who has access to the internet.

I was just ending a rather exhaustive comparison of “the big three” to determine which best meets the Operation Cloud criteria, and to announce which I’ve selected for standardization.

But, wouldn’t you know it, just as I was about to make a major vendor commitment, The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that Google has entered the building, nearly ready to announce their own solution to directly compete with the above.Knowing the way Google works (and I do, better than most people, at least), what they introduce will be a game-changer in some way. Whether it’s the amount of storage they provide for free accounts, or some new whiz-bang feature nobody else has yet, I’d be remiss to not put this portion of Operation Cloud on hold until Google lifts its kimono.

I have to admit that while being excited to read the news, I find myself wondering if it really is “news?”

Google’s been rumored to have been working on a mass storage system for years (the pundits have been referring to it as “GDrive,”), but that’s never materialized outside of speculation.

Could this be (yet another) rumor?

Too, the article only quotes “people familiar with the matter,” and Google isn’t often associated with such leaks. That makes me wonder if the “people familiar with the matter” are landscapers at the Googleplex who overheard something in a parking lot, or if, perhaps, the leak was a trial balloon from Big G, intended to gauge the reaction of users and competitors?

The bottom line is that I just really don’t know. But I do know that if true, there are plenty of competitors in this space who should be afraid – Very afraid.

In any event, the virtual network portion of Operation Cloud has been placed on hold, and will remain that way until I can get a more realistic sense of whether Google’s a player.