Finding (& Fixing) an RV Propane Leak

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So we woke-up one morning, and thought we smelled gas. Luckily, a neighbor is a chemical engineer who taught me a trick to pinpoint the source of the leak.

Simply mix some dishwashing liquid with water in a spray bottle (heavy on the dishwashing liquid!), spray it all over the line, starting at the tanks, and watch for the bubbles.

It worked perfectly!

Seeing that the leak was coming from the regulator, it was easy to locate the parts on Amazon. I went with this regulator and decided to replace both tank pigtail lines while I was at it.

The parts arrived to fix our RV propane leak

I knew I’d need some “plumbers tape” for the connections, and our friend said not to use the stuff made for plumbing (water) connections. Rather, there’s a special type of tape made for gas lines, so I ordered a roll of that, too, and applied it to the pigtail connections, as well as the main line out to the RV.

New Marshall Excelsior MEGR-253 2-tank (auto-switchover) regulator installed in the RV

In the end, it was a quick & easy repair that only required a couple of wrenches (for the hose fittings), and our leak was fixed. In fact, it was downright simple compared to replacing the power converter.