Married To My Best Friend For 17 Years

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Wow. It seems like yesterday, but today’s already our 17th wedding anniversary. We came to San Diego in September of 2001, got married here, and decided to stay. Every day, I count my blessings, knowing how fortunate I am to … Continued

A Most Unusual Supper Club

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Shortly after my wife and I moved to San Diego, she took to leaving food out for the neighborhood cats. We lived on the edge of a canyon, and it wasn’t long before the raccoons down there discovered the feast, and invited … Continued

The Crows

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Over the last 20 years, crows, which were never native here, have been completely inundating us. Unfortunately, this guy didn’t have the sense to hold his phone horizontally, but still.. And from From our local CBS affiliate: “Crows flocking to … Continued

Crap… It’s Cold!

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The coldest day of the year here, so far in San Diego (don’t laugh — upper 50s here IS cold), and wouldn’t you know it… The old furnace decided to take a sabbatical. The blower motor was replaced a few … Continued

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