MORryde 5th Wheel Hitch Mount Stabilizer

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My wife and I recently bought a new RV — A 2022 Grand Design Solitude 345 5th wheel.

It’s impressive and enormous . I’d compare it to a 1 bedroom townhouse, or condo on wheels, and within inches of being too big to bring to a national park.

The problem is, it “wobbles.”

While the “design” part of Grand Design is seriously legit, their engineering leaves a lot to be desired.

It has a six-point hydraulic leveling system (push a button, and it levels itself), but the rear-most levelers are right behind the tires, leaving about 12 feet dangling, unsupported.

I’m a “big guy,” so my wife could obviously feel when I was walking around, but she’s a little lady (only 110 pounds), but I could feel her walking around, too.

So, we ordered a MORryde Hitch Mount Stabilizer, and wow. It works, and amazingly well.

Overall, we’re really happy with it, so far, despite it being (crazy) over-priced. It was super-easy to assemble, and all vibrations have stopped.