Our First RV!

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Polly & I have been big into camping for years. There are so many options here in Southern California, from the mountains in the summer, to the deserts in the winter.

We’d always camped in a tent, or sleeping in the back of our SUV, and led us to some amazing places, like Joshua Tree and Death Valley.

As we started getting older, the tent (despite the air mattress) was feeling like more and more of a hassle, and we were reluctant to head-out as often as we used to.

One day, Polly said, “Let’s get an RV, I found some nice looking ones on Craigslist.”

So off we went until we found a great looking one in Escondido.

The woman selling explained it had hardly ever been used. She and her husband had done all kinds of great upgrades (including a killer Tempur-Pedic mattress) when he suddenly passed. She ended-up never using it.

We took the plunge, and to be honest, it looks like new — inside & out.

Now, I’m online constantly, trying to learn all I can about RVs — from connecting (and dumping) the septic tanks, to maintaining the thing. I feel like I’m literally taking a crash course.

I’m going to miss the spots we used to be able to plop our tent in the middle of nowhere (they have no hookups), but I’m looking forward to a real bed, heat on cold nights, running water, and a kitchen!