My Experience With a New Samsung Galaxy S3

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Back around Christmas, my wife and I were ready to upgrade our phones. We’d been using the first generation Samsung Galaxy S phones, and had nothing but good experiences with the build quality, and since we’d been Android users since … Continued

Google Drive Has Arrived – My Review

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Google Drive, or “GDrive” (originally) had become an almost mythological enigma, with reports and speculation about the service from Google reappearing periodically since 2006. It was to the point where every time it was mentioned in the “geek press,” people … Continued

What’s Been Keeping me Busy

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I haven’t posted much here of late, and apologize for that. It’s not that I’ve forgotten about this project (in fact, it’s been progressing nicely). It’s just been a busy month with my work (creating websites), and trying to get … Continued

Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt

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In moving my life to the cloud, an important facet for me is the ability to virtualize network storage. Any of us who’ve been around more than a few years (clearing my throat) remember what most companies called “The X: … Continued

Note Taking Applications

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Of all the solutions available for storing stuff in the cloud, I’ve found no other category that seems more “personal” than note-taking (and keeping). Using the wrong one is like wearing someone else’s sneakers. There are so many solutions available … Continued

Operation Cloud Manifesto

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I’ve written before about my little “cloud experiment,” which I’m calling, “Operation Cloud,” here, and over on Google+ Essentially, I’m trying to carve-out a little time each week to move more and more of my life into the Cloud. The … Continued

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