RV Cooking

My wife and I started getting into the RV lifestyle a few years back, and love it. Of course, our weather is a big factor. I’m not sure we’d be doing this if we lived elsewhere, but here in Southern California, the views are phenomenal, we can “move” whenever we’d like, and the weather is (almost) always perfect.

We Love Our Instant Pot in The RV

I’m a guy who loves to cook, and that was a challenge. Most RVs just don’t have the kitchen space necessary to pursue the culinary arts. So back in the day, we bought an Instant Pot and immediately fell in love. One appliance replaces several and doesn’t take up much counter space.

Instant Pot pressure cooker is perfect in an RV, where counter space is limted

I can’t even begin to list the magical soups, stews, and other dishes I’ve made with this baby. One day, I’ll start publishing some of my favorite recipes, like Chicago-style Italian Beef, Split Pea Soup (mine is pretty darned good), Gumbo, and my Rotisserie Chicken soup which might just change your life.

We recently got a new fifth-wheel camper with a lot more counter space, so we got to thinking about getting an air fryer.

We tried one before but returned it. The thing was a pain to clean (mesh wire baskets that looked more like a toaster oven), and it never really seemed to get hot enough.

Now that we do have enough kitchen counter space, we tried again and stuck with the brand we’ve come to love.

The Instant Vortex Plus Dual is Great in The RV

Granted, not every RV will accommodate this thing. It’s pretty large, and bulky, but it’s been an absolute game changer in our (my) kitchen.

So far, this thing is really easy to clean, makes some really crispy food, is amazingly quick, and doesn’t throw a lot of heat, which is great in the summer.

Some recipes will be coming soon, once I get a chance to convert them.