RV Roof Maintenance – A Necessary Evil

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My least favorite thing about owning an RV is the roof. Leaks seem inevitable, and if ignored, can lead to some really expensive problems. As we entered the rainy season here a couple of months back, we were reminded that … Continued

Finding (& Fixing) an RV Propane Leak

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So we woke-up one morning, and thought we smelled gas. Luckily, a neighbor is a chemical engineer who taught me a trick to pinpoint the source of the leak. Simply mix some dishwashing liquid with water in a spray bottle … Continued

RV WiFi Considerations (Geolocation)

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I began outfitting our RV with some new tech last year, and recently discovered an issue I hadn’t considered. We were sitting-around outside when I fired-up Google Maps, looking for directions to a restaurant we were wanting to check-out. I … Continued

Our First RV!

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Polly & I have been big into camping for years. There are so many options here in Southern California, from the mountains in the summer, to the deserts in the winter. We’d always camped in a tent, or sleeping in … Continued

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