RV Roof Maintenance – A Necessary Evil

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My least favorite thing about owning an RV is the roof. Leaks seem inevitable, and if ignored, can lead to some really expensive problems.

As we entered the rainy season here a couple of months back, we were reminded that last year, we’d spotted a slight leak from the skylight over the shower. Not a bad place if you’re going to have a leak, but I couldn’t help but worry about the wood between the outer roof, and where we spotted the dripping inside.

Wet wood in an RV is not a good thing.

A mutual friend turned us on to a guy who works in the service department of a local RV dealership, and does work like this “on the side.”

Having the RV roof resealed

Not only did we need new roof sealant, we wanted new gutter downspouts, and new skylight/vent covers.

Dicor EPDM Acrylic Roof Coating

At the end of the day, it wasn’t a cheap job, but he did it right, power washing the RV first, then filling the cracks & seams with Dicor Self Leveling Lap Sealant, followed by three coats of Dicor EDPM Acrylic Roof Coating.

Since then, “rainy season” has started in Southern California, and the RV has remained dry.